OH8K Puitsitunturi, KP57aq X-pedition adventure

9.8 - 13.8.2001

OH8K activated KP57 (67 deg 40,35min N 30 deg 00,77 min E), most rare square in Finland 9.8 - 13.8.2001. There are only 800 meters of this square on the side of Finland, and the terrain is difficult. Luckily there is a 460m asl high mountain called Puitsitunturi, and on top of it there goes Finland/Russia border. Going to KP57 requires permission for every person crossing the frontier zone.

Our stations on the Puitsitunturi were only about 100 meters from the border line, and they were built inside tents. The hams taking part to this X-pedition were Jukka, OH8MSM, Aulis, OH6JW, Jussi, OH6ZZ, Johannes, OH6HFX and Antti, OH8NXE.


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OH6HFX:n tarina suomeksi
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