OH8K station details in KP44HE

The OH8K club station is finally set up with two 30m and 42m masts. The QTH is 200m asl high hill in Sotkamo, eastern finland.

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The first, 30m mast has following antennas:

15m 2 x 6 el 23/33m up
12m 1 x 6 el 29 m up
10m 2 x 6 el 10/16m up
6m 2 x 10el 12/25m up

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The second, 42m mast has following antennas:

40m 2 x 3el 17/35m up
30m 1 x 3 el 16m up
20m 2 x 5 el 23/40m up
17m 1 x 5 el 45 m up


In hamshack there is ICOM 7400 main rig with Ten-Tec 425 HF linear.

(c) J. Karhula, OH6HFX 2002