What OH8K?

OH8K, also OH9O and OH8AAS, (former OH8NPA) is a small, but active Radio Amateur Club in Sotkamo, Eastern Finland, (KP44HE or KP44ME, contest QTH KP43CV).

New: OH8K 1st tower (30m) in new QTH KP44HE up. Antennas include 15m 2x6el, 12m 6el, 10m 2x6el and 6m 2x10el. More details in station page

We have members all over the country. The VHF Group is quite active, and nowadays we like HSCW/FSK MS operation from semirare and rare grids from Eastern and Northern Finland. So far we have been in these Grids:

1992: KP54, KP55
1993: KP34, KP35, KP47, KP57
1994: KP18, KP28, KP54
1999: KP43
2000: KO19, KP20, KP30
2001: KP12, KP23, KP47, KP57 (HSCW)
2002: KP44, KP55, KP24
2003: KP13, KP53, KP54, KP48, KP37, KP11, KP43, KP44, KP14
2004: KP17, KP13, KP23, KP38, KP35, KP45, KO09, JP90
?: KP01, KP02, KP03, KP33
All time: KP44 (home square)

Next peditions go to KP33, KP18, KP28, KP27...

Frequencies, speeds and other practical info

HSCW Meteor Scatter

  • Primary HSCW frequency: 144.147 MHz
  • Speed: 2500 lpm
  • Primary FSK frequency: 144.355 MHz
  • OH8K always first, if not otherwise agreed

    QSL info:

    OH8K, OH9O and OH8AAS QSL-cards are sent always via bureau. If you want direct QSL, pse attach IRC or equivalent and empty envelope! We don't support any other's hobby, only ours...

    QSLs to OH8K, OH9O and OH8AAS via OH8MSM

    Contacting via mail:

    Sotkamon Radioamatöörikerho, OH8K
    Itävaarantie 54
    88600 Sotkamo

  • (c) J. Karhula, OH6HFX 2002