OH8K x-pedition in Puitsitunturi KP57aq 9th - 13th august 2007

Oprs Aulis OH6JW, Jukka OH8MSM, Jussi OH6ZZ, Johannes OH6HFX



Video of heavy wind in "big tent" (18mt)

Video of heavy wind outside (18mt)

Video of coming road up to the hill with ATV (18mt)

Jumpy road up to Puitsi arctic hill, only with ATV

Crossing the border zone!

Setting up the small trailer for ATV

Jukka bringing amp softly to hilltop

144353 station, the "big tent"

Aulis getting antenna directions via SMS in 144353 shack

GPS screen with KP57aq - it is real!

144398 hamshack tent, Jussi working

All stations seen from the hilltop

4-el for 50MHz and hamshack tent

144398 station in dark

1 meter from the OH/R border with border guards

View to border line in forest

Some mosquitos we had also..

The last load down from the Puitsi!

Special thanks to OH6NG for loan of real "SUV"!

6kW diesel generator running, taking 1,5ltr / hour

Jussi OH6ZZ setting up 2 x 9el for 144398

Jussi and Aulis setting up 36el rope yagi

Rope yagi on place

16-el single yagi for 144353 station

All equipment was not 100% working...

The first evening with nice sunset

GSM networks available on the hilltop

The "big tent" in dark

Johannes, Jussi, Aulis and Jukka by the "big tent"

Jukka cleaning some healthy food for operators

Jukka on very bad roads with his Toyota

Aulis on ATV with Puitsi arctic hill on the back

Heavy wind tilted other antenna too much, had to be fixed...

(c) J. Karhula, OH6HFX 2007