OH8K pedition to KP49  12-14. December 2009

Inari Nitsijärvi


Operators Sami OH9GDT and Jussi OH6ZZ


Antennas 2 x 11e on 6.5m boom (-6zz)

TS-2000 + ME-1500V GS35 (HA1YA)

Preamp 0.13


First qth KP49ag





13.Dec, suddenly sound of generator changed.

Breather pipe between air inlet box and valve bonnet was clogged by frost/ice and made such

extra oli pressure that generator start to leak oil.

It was obvious that generator couldn’t not be used anymore.

So, we changed to new QTH ab 3km road forward into KP48bh where

was fixed AC available. Temp -20C and totally dark but we had headlamps.


QTH was good; ab 10m high bank of lake but limited space for antennas to rotate

between trees.


Condx were very good at the beginning 12th eve – nice refs when severals

stations calling but later found aurora stronger and stronger – less refs

and finally hours watching only straight line on screen.






87 FSK qso


Average 1645km

Best DF7KF JO30gu 2346km


19 qso > 2000km

11 qso > 2100

3 qso   > 2200

1 qso   > 2300




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