OH8K x-pedition in Lapland 4th - 12th june 2005

Oprs Aulis OH6JW, Jukka OH8MSM, Jussi OH6ZZ, Johannes OH6HFX

OH8K team activated 9 squares (KP09, KP08, KP18, KP27, KP35, KP36, KP26, KP25, KP17) in one week. The main event was KP27KS on Levi mountain, 530m asl where the two stations OH9O (Aulis and Jukka) and OH8K (Jussi) came together, Johannes came also after 9th june.


KP09KA 69 qsos, avg 1456km, best 2113km (logbook)
KP08XN 77 qsos, avg 1557km, best 2149km (logbook)
KP18AM 23 qsos, avg 1766km, best 2106km (logbook)
KP35EE 22 qsos, avg 1645km, best 1921km (logbook)
KP36BD 61 qsos, avg 1713km, best 2175km (logbook)
KP26PU 28 qsos, avg 1680km, best 2045km (logbook)
KP27KS 129 qsos + 3 eme, avg 1715km, best 2300km (logbook)
KP25NX 17 qsos, avg 1615km, best 1937km (logbook)
KP17XB 1 qsos, avg and best 1782km (logbook)

TOTAL 427 MS qsos and 3 EME qsos, avg 1654km, best 2300km DL5MAE 1500lpm HSCW

Totally 71 Qsos over 2000km, 16,6% of all QSOs.

KP09KA, KP08XN, KP18AM and KP27KS 6m logbooks

Saana-mountain 1029m working as back reflector for antenna in KP09KA

KP09KA, two valleys for signal 180deg and 210deg...

Jukka OH8MSM working 2m FSK in KP09KA

Moving antennas "on fly" from KP08XN -> KP18AM couple of km

The last road to the top of Levi was in sharp angle...

Aulis OH6JW, Jukka OH8MSM, Jussi OH6ZZ
and Johannes OH6HFX on the top of Levi

Scenery on Levi mountain top, to 240 degrees

144,363MHz and 50,178 were in Gondola lift control room

The road up to top was full of snow, it was cleared for us...

The road to top was in sharp angle, reguired good speed to get through...

Mobotix Webcam pointing to west in control room corner.

144,397MHz was in caravan

Running RN6BN on EME...

View to west (SM-land) in KP09KA. Kilpisjärvi lake in ice...

Aulis OH6JW getting sked requests in KP09KA

Setup in KP18AM

Snowy road on the top of Levi

Scenery to Ylläs mountain 200deg

Aulis and Jukka setting up preamp

Another scenery on Levi mountain top

Snowy road to Levi top...

Aulis and Johannes working on 144,363 and 50,178

2x10el EME antennas in 144,397 station

Jussi OH6ZZ working in caravan.

38-el rope antenna...

(c) J. Karhula, OH6HFX 2005