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Over 5500 2m MS QSOs on x-peditions

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X-peditions, past:
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KP41 Apr 2006
KP11KX Apr 2006
KP13SX May 2006
KP23BC May 2006
KP01TU May 2006
KP00XV May 2006
KP10AW May 2006
KO29EX May 2006
KP30FM May 2006
KP31AB May 2006
KP21WC May 2006
KP02XH May 2006

KP44HE Jun 2006
KP43CV Jun 2006
KP11XK Jul 2006
KP16UH Aug 2006
KP37BA Aug 2006
KP38JE Aug 2006
KP39TC Aug 2006
KP48DA Aug 2006
KP49AG Aug 2006
KQ30WB Aug 2006
KQ40AF Aug 2006
KQ41BB Aug 2006
KQ31WA Aug 2006
KP33CE Nov 2006
KP12BO Dec 2006
JP85XO Jun 2007
JP95DO Jun 2007
JP86XC Jun 2007
JP96CD Jun 2007
KP05PP Jun 2007
KP06WB Jun 2007
KP57AQ Aug 2007
KP00MK Dec 2007
KP49 Nov 2009

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Frosty antennas in KP12

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144MHz eMost Wanted Squares
Please help us to plan our future x-peditions by clicking your wanted squares on the map!

Amateur radio club Sotkamo
Itävaarantie 54
88600 Sotkamo



OH8K/0 visit to Nordic VHF-Meeting, Käringsund Aland
JP90sf, dxcc OH0 Aland



OH8K x-pedition in Norway KQ -squares is over. During Perseids OH8K-team visited KQ10, KQ20 and KQ00 squares and also KP28. See more here...


New logbooks online:

JP42ex JP32nr JP31au JP22sh JP21wv JP73qf JP65aj JP63bi JP44xa JP43uq

Comments from Jukka OH8MSM: Request - pse update your needs on MakeMoreMilesonVHF -pages to Most Wanted -section. It helps in planning peditions and where to go next. On ped priority is hams being on list (and hams who conducted dxpeditions in the past); of course all the others will be worked as well. My shoulder was just operated; so no peds in August and next peditions I work alone which means little less qrv time because of sleeping hours. You can send requests/comments jukkakoltta at gmail.com and sms +358405897370 - pse simple english


Invitation to have fun with OH8K-team OH8K-team will make a pedition to LA ( SM on the way ) 5th --15th June 2010, JP65 is the main target, but team will activate 7--10 squares in LA or on the way ( SM ) , which squares will be the activated , that will be decided when good QTHs will be found on the route. Calls will be LA/OH9TT and LA/OH6JW. QSLs to OH8MSM. The goal is to work over 500 MS-QSOs on this trip, so we invite many stations to participate our pedition and have fun. 73 de Aulis OH6JW and Jukka OH8MSM ( OH9TT ).


Jussi OH6ZZ and Sami OH9GDT back from KP49ag and KP49bh, see results here...

QSL info: direct cards to OH6ZZ, others via buro via OH8MSM


OH8K team voted for best VHF expedition of 2007 by MMMonVHF VHF-DX-Portal. Also SM/OH9TT and SM/OH6JW on 7th place. Look more from here...


OH8K will now stop continuous activation of rare squares. During 8 years we have drove over 65 000 km, visited 73 different squares totally 131 times. Meteor scatter QSOs worked nearly 5000! The club thanks all stations working us for the co-operation. Also thank you for all the visiting operators on x-peditions: OH3HPU Juha, OH4LA Pasi, OH5HCJ Matti, OH5KNG Jyrki, OH6HFX Johannes, OH6JW Aulis, OH6MAZ Hannu, OH6QU Jari, OH6ZZ Jussi, OH8MSM Jukka and OH8NXE Antti.

Thank you for all donations from members!

In future we don't accept donations any more. Some occasional x-peditions by the members might be possible, maybe...

Visited squares
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OH8K in KP57AQ 2007

OH8K in KP57AQ 2001

OH8K in Levi KP27KS

OH8K club station

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